How Tessaract helped That.Legal save 40% in cost and enabled agile growth through the pandemic


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I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a practice management system to use Tesseract and built-in time tracking tool.

Build the habit of tracing time and stick with it. It will help make better decisions with data you did not have access to before.

Mark Teng
Executive Director
That. Legal LLC


Mark knows a thing or two about coping with change and anticipating the future. As an outstanding litigator, he saw the paper process’s inefficiencies in a lawyer’s workflow from his previous firm. With that experience, he knew he needed to prioritise digitising his workflow when he set up his firm at That.Legal LLC. Like everyone else, he started with cloud storage and soon realised that it was not enough.

That lead him to Tessaract.


A legacy paper process

As a fast-growing boutique firm, the team at That.Legal sometimes bring work back for the weekends unavoidably. But, as you would expect, a legacy business model based around the paper process made this more complicated than it needed to be.

We usually use the weekend to complete tasks we don’t need to collaborate with others. But we couldn’t do that efficiently because we would run into problems of not having the files or access to the data we needed.

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Would Mark recommend Tessaract?

Rarely will you see an increase in productivity while decreasing the number of people working on a task - that’s precisely what happened with That.Legal. Since implementing Tessaract, the paralegal to lawyer ratio increased from 1:2 to 1:4. Which is to say, it now takes fewer people to complete something, quicker.