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Tessaract <> Lupl
Collaborate & Manage like never before

Tessaract is a complete Law Practice Management system that allows you to run your entire law firm efficiently. With our integration with Lupl, collaborate & manage like never before.  

Tessaract - law practice management system

Tessaract features low-code, no-code workflow automation specifically for compliance matters. With Tessaract's integration with Lupl, your team would be able to collaborate and manage cases like never before. 


Lupl <> Tessaract

Tessaract's integration with Lupl, allows your team to collaborate, manage and scale like never before. 


Process automation

Automation for any process internally or client-facing: HR compliance processes, General Compliance, KYC, Forms to Signing for Clients etc. 


Low-code platform

Tessaract's workflow automation & reports are low to no code, meaning you can build new workflows and new reports on the fly. 


Case management

Easily set individual tasks for various members of your firm's team with customizable tags. Link people through appointments and email reminders. Receive real-time updates regarding specific case requirements.


Document management

Secure document management on Tessaract allows all case-related documents, bills, contracts to be stored on Tessaract. With global search, nothing will ever be lost. 


Digital Signing

Integrated digital signing means your documents on Tessaract's Document Management System can be securely signed without leaving Tessaract. 


World-class business management doesn’t need to be expensive

Entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses are used to giving up a little quality in exchange for affordable business management solutions. Not anymore! Tessaract is changing everything you know about productivity and management software by providing industry-leading quality at unbelievably low prices. This way, your business can afford to get the boost it needs to reach new levels of growth.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lupl?

Lupl allows better collaboration for your law firm by providing a better and easier way to share documents, communicate securely, manage matters, put knowledge to work, and get legal work done together.

Tessaract <> Lupl?

Tessaract is a best in class law practice management, while Lupl is a best in class legal collaboration system. Bringing both solutions together allows your team to manage and collaborate like never before. 

What is Tessaract?

Tessaract is a complete law practice management system that features modules that allow you to manage cases, documents, time tracking, and bill for time and expenses.